Customizable LSKB Database Platform
LSKB database is customizable and integrable into your pipeline as your own search system. 
  • Over 50 collected database, linking with IDs
  • Database resources from bioinformatics to cheminformatics
  • Gene search from NGS, target search from compounds, or compound search from targets
  • LSKB platform contains comprehensive search
  • Database updates, 3 times yearly: no database collections and curation
  • Provide query SQL
  • Develop query pipeline script
  • Support Pipeline Pilot by BIOVIA 
For more details about registered database, please contact us. 

LSKB Database Platform 

BioMed and Chemical Research Platform

From Bio Research to Drug Discovery,

Information You Need Is in LSKB

Let LSKB Accelerate Your Research

LSKB Series

Limited Functions of LSKB Personal: Free

Some of functions from LSKB Personal are freely available to anyone with limited search results on cloud. This is a great way to start and know what LSKB can do fo you. Explore this outstanding research tool with no charge!




      LSKB Free & Demo

LSKB Suite

Full Functions of Customizable LSKB

LSKB Suite is available for industory or research institutions. LSKB Suite contains various data sets for chemical compound search using predictions algorithms. Data management function to store and share expression information of target data, such as assay, chemical compounds, and proteins is available as well. LSKB suite is customizable depending on your research purposes, such as driver gene search. LSKB Suite can be used either a cloud version or an on-site version. 

(cloud version)

Analysis Service

LSKB Service Contract

LSKB service contract includes:

  • Bioinformatics analysis to find targets from NGS data or cheminformatic analysis to search compounds

  • On-off target search

  • Other services are available upon a request 

LSKB Integration with Your System

LSKB integrations with:

  • NGS pipeline (annotations or driver-gene search)

  • Your origianl search pipeline using LSKB data

  • Linking with Pipeline Pilot

  • Other, such as drug discovery system or molecule construction system

System Integration

Purchase Compounds

In order to accelerate drug discovery research, LSKB provides an easy way to purchase chemical compounds. With the eMolecules collaboration, you can find available compounds, such as screening compounds, building blocks, or antibodies at the real time. 


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