LSKB Suite Integration Service

Driver Gene Discovery Platform
LSKB will help you to construct a pipeline to search cancer genes 
Search "compounds vs. cancer" info from genes and/or variants
SNPs & Genes
LSKB Cancer & Chemical subset
Chemical & Drug
Anticancer drugs & Targets
Find combinations of optimal treatment drugs from approved drugs and those targets or publications
Variant Annotator
Protein Information
Known Mutant Gene Information
Distinct tissue cancer
Publications of
distinct tissue cancer
Distinct indications of anti cancer drugs
Drug taget (MOA)
Publications of
distinct tissue
Assay / Activity
SNP etc...
Publications of
variant study
Search compounds and publications by entering variant data
Variant information searches PDB database as crystal structure from a list of non synonymous variants, and ligands (within 4Å) near by the variant points will be retrieved.  In order to widen objects to search using those ligands, effects to chemical candidates will be directly found based on similarity of structures or frameworks. 
If you have a rsID, registered information of dbSNPs as a known variant, you can access to a result of text-mining using the rsID. In the current version, 27,577 of rsIDs are directly written in publications in regard to the total numbers of dbSNP142 with 111,373,356. 
Find diseases and compounds from various angles by gene data
In case of finding compounds from genes, after genes are converted to proteins, ccompounds will be found through PDB, ChEMBL assay information, Mechanism of Action or UniProt. In addition, compounds having bind/inhibit characteristics can also be searchable against proteins by using ChEMBL Assay. 
The relationship between proteins and diseases will be found through treatment targets of proteins with diseases based on information of TTD or UniProt. 
Access to rich chemical information
There are non redundant 75 millions of chemical compounds, which are registered in FDA, ChEMBL, or PubChem​ and include all strucutres, are available. Information of treatment drugs or purchasable compounds is also avaibale to see and those compounds are purchasable through a chemical compounds purchase site (eMolecules) with one-click. 
Relationship between compounds and diseases and comprehensive text-mining 
The relationship between compounds and diseases is very important to search driver genes. LSKB can search the relatinship from various angles. 
The relationship of ATC-ICD10 is certenly is avaibale, but also LSKB has compounds as potencial candidates of treatment drugs from disease perspectives via a result of target search; the relationship between diseases and compounds is seachable by looking at proteins. 
With powerful text-mining results, LSKB has relations between diseases and compounds or additionally proteins written in PubMed abstracts from last 20 years. 
Text-mining for the purporse of variant analysis is also available. Having flagged publications with GWAS, rsIDs, structure variant, or copy number variations in LSKB, LSKB can find specific publications about GWAS among written sentences of both diseases and compounds. 
LSKB Database Contents
Database contents in LSKB will assist your pipeline development to find driver genes
LSKB License & Integration
This service is an integration service using functions in LSKB Suite
This is the service that LSKB database can be integrated into your search pipeline as your system. Using LSKB, you can dramatically save labor costs and time. 
World Fusion will provide various types of integration based on your requests, such as annotations to a NGS pipeline or a system to a target search pipeline. Please feel free to ask for more details. 
  • You can easily create a pipeline generally known as difficult to build; for example, finding cancer driver genes by a NGS pipeline, examing influences to binding ligands by strucutre changes of proteins, or studying chemical influences affected by SNV and/or CNV
  • World Fusion will provide a protocol support for Pipeline Pilot as well as LSKB data references from the web service
  • Other integrations are available upon a request
In order to use an integration system with LSKB, LSKB Suite license needs to be purchased.
A cost of an integration will be based on your request. 
For a group use of LSKB Personal, please contact us for the detail. 


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