LSKB, Life Science Knowledge Bank

A comprehensive drug discovery and genomic research application

Genome Medical

Target Search

Drug Repositioning

  • Search similar compounds from a chemical compound structure (includes substructure and molecular framework)

  • Search detail annotations of a chemical compound and its assay targets

  • Search relative information, such as treatment targets, drugs, genes, SNPs, or microbes from a disease query

  • Annotations to your expression data or variant analysis result data

  • More!

LSKB Functions & Features


Gene Expression


Literature & 

Text mining


Variant & 

Protein modification

Assay Target

Therapeutic Target

  • Predict targets from a chemical stucture or ID

  • Predict side-effects and side-effect targets from a chemical structure

  • Search targets similar to predicted targets

  • Predict targets from weighed averages of similar compounds using an assay target and its activity value

  • Predict target from molecular framework

  • Use a target confirmation algorithm to predict active compounds from a common part of a structure



Side effect &



LSKB Free & Demo

Limited functions of LSKB is available on cloud for FREE

Example of available functions:

  • Detail information of a disease

  • Orthologous conversion of genes

  • SNP annotations in a VCF format

  • Annotations to expression data

  • Active protein target prediction from a chemical compound structure


  • Manage annotated genes or proteins you found from experiments

  • Share data of genes or proteins with your comments

  • Register assay data with targets and chemical compounds

  • Register crystal structure data

* Since registered data can be used for searching or prediction, both your integrated data and LSKB data will create an efficient searching system

LSKB Series


Assay experiments

(Target & chemicals)

Crystal structure

& Ligands

Gene & Protein


Full functions of LSKB is available either on cloud or on-site systems.


LSKB Suite includes a data management system in order to organize your experimental data and share the data wirh your colleagues. LSKB can be integrated into your system to facilitate your research. This knowledge integration of in-house data and public data as LSKB components creates your own data-mining system. 






LSKB Suite



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